Facilities Management


Census International, a subsidiary of Manazel P.J.S.C, is a facilities management company currently managing all of Manazel projects by offering a multitude of facilities management services serving all classes of the real estate sector with customers across Abu Dhabi. Census International offers an integrated delivery model that lays emphasis on the flexibility to respond to the changing demands of the region’s active business environment with consistent quality, all the while enhancing the value of customers’ property portfolio, In line with Manazel’s strategy. Census International is servicing an area of 1.2 million Square Meter.

Over the course of the year Census continued providing its services to Manazel’s various projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Within Capital Mall, Census provided various facilities management services including the provision of valet service, mall tenant fit-out processes as well as post-opening facility management contracts. Census International has also secured cleaning contracts for Al Reef Villas, Al Reef Downtown and Prestige Towers as well as a landscaping contract for Al Reef Community with Net profit of AED 26 million for 2016.

Over the course of 2016 and for the coming year Census endeavors to expand its operations pitching for and scoring Facilities Management Project tenders across the UAE by focusing on targeting various residential community projects across the UAE in order to support the Manazel’s strategy.